Frequently Asked Questions

faq Oct 10, 2018


When are the meetings?

  • Meetings are held the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Thursdays of the month from 11am-12pm CST. Meetings are recorded, so if you can't make one or want to check out the library of content, you can reference the class website. Your membership gives you access to all meetings. 

What does a typical meeting look like? 

  • There are three different meeting types that we use to give you a variety of 

How long is a typical meeting?

  • Meetings are 1 hour, and out of respect for everyone’s time, rarely run over.

What options are there if I can't make one of the meetings? 

  • Video recordings are uploaded to the Facebook group as well as the class site in case anyone misses a meeting or would like to look back on previous content.


Growing My Business

Who are the experts who have presented so far? Who can I expect to hear from? 

  • We have had experts on Sales, Market Research/ Customer Development, and PR speaking and much more by the time you're reading this. All topics are member driven, so you will have input on what you want to hear about. We try to bring in "battle-hardened" entrepreneurs with the good and bad experience to understand what you're going through and where you need to go. 

Will I be able to look at past recordings?

  • Yes! As soon as you join you will have access to the entire (ever-growing) library of assets from this program. 


Making Connections

Who is already in the group?

  • Pioneers is full of experienced, dedicated, and knowledgable founders. The group size is limited, so you'll have the opportunity to meet everyone in the cohort. From a former NASA researcher to a top expert in security to a military veteran to a language teacher you'll be a part of a diverse cohort of top founders leading growing startups. 

How do the group members interact between meeting? 

  • Group members interact in a private Facebook group, sharing resources, asking questions, and giving updates. Our team and several mentors are also active in the group and happy to share our expertise.

Will I get access to mentors through this program?

  • We are currently building out the mentor structure for this particular program. We expect to have this set up in November of 2018, but if you're looking for a particular type 


This sounds great, but am I a Good Fit?

  • Tech Ranch has an entire range of programs designed for entrepreneurs at different stages. To make the most of Pioneers you should be post-launch and looking to grow fast or very close to launching (If this isn't your first startup) with a strong plan in place. 
  • Pioneers also has an Impact focus, so if you care about doing good in the world, social impact, and Impact Innovation but still making a profit then you're in the right place! 
  • We believe in the importance of diverse cohorts, so we are not industry specific. You can have any type of business product/service/etc. so long as there is some sort of Impact element. 
  • Some Pioneers are funded, some are actively fundraising, and some are fully bootstrapped. No matter your approach, you'll find value. 

We hope to have you join our community soon! If you didn't see your question here just email us at [email protected]


How long do I have to commit to?

  • We believe in the value of this program and have seen the results, so you can cancel at any time. 


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